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Wabi-Sabi & The Art of Letting Go

Exploring Abstract Painting in Joshua Tree


As a painter living in Joshua Tree, I encourage people to experience a different way of approaching abstract/non-objective painting and drawing, no matter what their skill level. Desert air, wide-open tranquil spaces and vibrant nature are just a few things which inform the workshop experience I've created: a blending of several important themes in my life such as impermanence and the Japanese aesthetic known as Wabi-sabi.  This approach transcends a more typical workshop focused on craft. My experience is about getting people to think about themselves and their work in new ways relative to the environment they're in, no matter where it may be.

SC Studio 2013

My former studio space in Sumter, South Carolina  2009-2013

Recycled Runway 2011 - 7th graders

I taught elementary and middle school art in South Carolina for 6 years - Grades K-8.


This was always my favorite event: Recycled Runway with 7th graders.


They designed and made their own fashions out of materials that were headed for the landfill.


My other students couldn't wait to get in to 7th grade art so they could rock the runway.


Every year these kids did an amazing job and my classroom was trashed. :) Totally worth it.

abstraction "Squaredance" workshop SC 2010

Abstraction Workshop: Date Night 2009.